Referring Veterinarians

At Boston Veterinary Specialists, we know that our relationship with referring veterinarians is integral to the care we provide. We are here to serve you, your clients and your patients when they need advanced surgical care. As board-certified veterinary surgical specialists with many decades of combined experience, Dr. William Henry, Dr. Catherine Briere, and Dr. Abigail Mariano provide the expert care you can recommend with confidence.

Exceptional communication and service for you and pet owners.
As a partnering referring veterinarian, you will be kept closely involved in your patient’s care with us from start to finish. We offer:

  • Prompt, complete reports including current labs and diagnostics
  • Consultation with you regarding treatment recommendations and goals
  • Regular updates regarding your patient’s progress
  • Quick scheduling for consultations and surgery
  • 24/7 patient care in our private surgical hospital
  • Caring, knowledgeable client liaisons to assist pet owners through
    all stages of their pets’ care with us.

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For your convenience, you may complete the following referral form and submit through our website. Dr. Henry, Dr. Briere, Dr. Mariano or one of our team members will be in touch with you as soon as possible. You may also download aPDF to complete and fax, mail or hand deliver to our office.

Please be sure to fax and/or send all pertinent records, reports and diagnostic images with the pet owner to the appointment. Our fax number is: (781) 326-9782.

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THANK YOU FOR YOUR REFERRAL FROM BOSTON VETERINARY SPECIALISTS. You will receive a detailed letter from the specialists describing findings, recommendations and treatment. Thank you again! If there is any other comments, please include them here:

Our Continuing Education Series

Doctors Henry, Dr. Briere, and Dr. Mariano lead CE courses throughout the year for practicing veterinarians on a wide range of topics in veterinary surgery.
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