Frequently Asked Questions

When your pet needs surgery, you will likely have many questions and concerns. Please do not hesitate to call us with any specific questions not addressed in this FAQ, or to schedule a consultation. We are here to serve you and appreciate the trust you place in us to care for your best friend.

My dog or cat has been injured or is very sick – what do I do?

If your regular veterinarian is unavailable, we can see your pet on an emergency basis during our regular hours. If it is after hours and/or you live near the Cape, we recommend that you call our partner practice, Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists, which features a state-of-the-art, 24/7 emergency and critical care hospital. Call (508) 759-5125 or visit them online:

How much is surgery going to cost? Do you offer any payment plans?

Most sick or injured pets require diagnostic testing, blood tests, radiographs, consultations, examinations and nursing care. Your surgeon will give you a more accurate estimate following the consultation. Please be advised that deposits are required (75% of the estimate) at the time a case is admitted. Fees for professional services will be itemized and submitted to you for payment at the time of completion of our services. Cash, Visa, MasterCard and American Express are welcome.

CareCredit offers low monthly payment plans for your pet’s healthcare needs. Ask your client liaison for more details or an application.

Will you let my veterinarian and me know what is going on with my pet?

Yes! Communication with you and your regular veterinarian is a top priority for us. From the time your regular veterinarian refers you to our practice, we keep him or her completely informed about your pet’s case.

On the day of your pet’s surgery, we will call you afterward and let you know how everything went, then give you daily updates for as long as your pet is with us. Your surgeon will also compose a full report to send to your regular veterinarian.

If my pet needs surgery, do I need to come in for an appointment first or can I just book the surgery?

When your veterinarian refers you to Boston Veterinary Specialists, you will need to bring your pet in for a referral consultation. You can make your consultation appointment by calling us at (781) 326-2140. Once you schedule your consultation with our surgeons, you will receive a packet in the mail providing you with pertinent information regarding your appointment.

What days do the surgeons operate?

Scheduled surgeries are performed during the week. Once you and Dr. Henry, Dr. Briere, or Dr. Mariano decide to proceed with surgery, we will work with you to schedule the date and time.

How long will my pet have to stay after surgery?

Your surgeon will determine the length of time your pet needs to be hospitalized. This depends on the procedure and will be discussed when the estimate is provided to you.

When can I visit my pet while he or she is in the hospital?

If your pet is here for surgery, we do not permit visiting on the day of the procedure so that your pet can rest and recover.  If you pet is staying longer than one night, please discuss visiting with your surgeon prior to arrival.

What can I expect upon picking my pet up?

You will be notified after 11 am on the day your pet is to be discharged from the hospital. A discharge appointment will be scheduled. Upon arrival, our team will provide you with a final detailed invoice, secure final payment in full, dispense medication(s), and schedule follow-up appointments. Your surgeon and/or client liaison will review written home care and postoperative instructions and answer any other questions you may have at this time.